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We have been using the PPMS facility management system for the last three years and found it to be invaluable in so many areas of operation. From a user perspective it’s beautifully simple to book or cancel equipment time or to order services and it’s easy to keep users informed of maintenance issues. The system is just so customisable; you can define precise booking rules that help maximise equipment availability and keep your researchers happy. Keeping check of health and safety documentation and training records used to be a headache but with PPMS they are stored electronically and are easily accessible.

If you like data, you’ll appreciate the inbuilt statistics module, there’s information on every facet of your facility and it’s available at the touch of a button…  it even draws the graphs for you!  But most of all, you’ll love the invoicing capability of the system, what used to take hours and was a less-than-enjoyable aspect of the job now takes minutes. PPMS has revolutionised the management of our facility, I’d be lost without it.

- Jackie Deans, Ph.D. , Facilities Manager - University of Birmingham

I have been using PPMS to manage my optical microscopy core facility since 2009. I’ve been very happy with both the software performance and with Stratocore’s support. The real time tracking is particularly useful to ensure accurate billing and usage statistics.

- Jennifer Waters, PhD, Nikon Imaging Center

After carefully reviewing instrument management services we decided to try PPMS. We needed a service that could accurately track use, handle variable cost recovery and produce transparent invoices for research groups. We also needed to manage access for internal and external researchers, coordinate training and assistance as well as incidents and repairs. PPMS has been incredibly successful in doing all of these things and has been key to the advancement of the facility. The support we have received from PPMS has been equally commendable, our queries have always been met with quick replies. Thank you!

Very happy with how PPMS has been working for us and have had positive feedback from the researchers too, which is great!

- Luke Hammond, Ph.D., The Queensland Brain Institute

The Westmead Research Hub implemented PPMS a little over 12 months ago, the solution has been well received in our Core Facilities that are utilised by users from multiple organisations. It is easy for Core Facility Staff and end Users to navigate and provides all the functionality required to effectively manage a Core Facility. The PPMS team are a pleasure to work with and they are focused on continuously developing their product to meet the needs of their customers, this is evident in each of their releases. I highly recommend PPMS!

- Sal Austin, Westmead Research Hub

PPMS was implemented at CRUK-Cambridge Institute in an Institute-wide fashion in late 2015/early 2016 to manage booking and cross-charging of equipment and services provided by all of our fourteen core facilities. PPMS replaced a basic booking system that we were using which had very limited functionality, and so PPMS has proved absolutely revolutionary in terms of reducing the administrative burden of running our facilities. For example, we have integrated PPMS into our Finance system to automate much of the cross-charging that we do, significantly improving the speed and accuracy of our monthly invoicing. The flexibility PPMS offers has allowed our cross-charging to be implemented in a fair and precise manner, tailoring charges to account for the unique features of each instrument and service. We are also able to store all data in one place perfect for audit purposes, and produce a number of comprehensive statistical reports allowing Core Managers to monitor a wide range of their Core functions. Core Facility Users have reported that PPMS is both intuitive and user-friendly; they are particularly pleased with the ability to book equipment and services from afar. Overall we have been really impressed with PPMS, especially combined with the excellent level of on-going support provided by the Stratocore team. Indeed, PPMS has had a hugely positive impact on our Core Facilities, both from a Core Manager’s and Core Facility User’s perspective.

- Jane Gray, Ph.D., Cancer Research UK, Cambridge Institute

The rollout of Stratocore’s PPMS system at the Mass Spectrometry Core Facility has transformed the way we work. We now have a one-stop shop covering user registration, training, instrument bookings, maintenance, invoicing and more. The package has been as easy to pick up for our clients as it has been for us to configure and use the system ourselves. Stratocore’s support has been fantastic and PPMS has worked from day one. I have no hesitation in recommending PPMS to other core facilities.

- Ben Crossett, Ph.D. , Mass Spectrometry Core Facility University of Sydney

PPMS is a wonderful platform to manage core facilities. The interface is very clear and simple for operators as well as for administrators. PPMS meets all our requirements for a booking system dealing with more than 200 users and various equipment. In particular, the possibility to gather detailed information on a wide range of statistics, such as usage time and cancelled time, users, groups, incidents and maintenance, PPMS simplifies the administration and also helps to better support the users and the equipment.

- Professor Dr. Maria Seo, The University of Leuven

I have been using PPMS since 2008 and find it essential. I hate to think how much time I wasted struggling with calendars, notepads and spreadsheets before. I did quite a lot of searching for an instrument booking management system before I found PPMS. The better offerings had some of the main features I wanted but only PPMS had them all.

How does anyone manage a facility and keep their sanity without it!

- Colin Gray, Ph.D., University of Sheffield

PPMS was smoothly deployed at the CIAN thanks to the help of efficient Stratocore installation/support teams. Both our staff and users enjoy PPMS simple and intuitive interface. This software was developed in the spirit of Core facility, and includes all the features we need: bookings, permission management, trainings, incident reports, publication reporting, usage tracking, billing and usage stats. Definitely, PPMS helped us to streamline our operations.

- Guillaume Lesage, Ph.D, McGill University

We implemented PPMS at the Institute of Medical Biology (A*STAR) in mid-2015, to take over what was previously a relatively simple online booking system for the Microscopy Unit. The impact has been fantastic and hugely reduces the administrative workload of running a facility. We no longer have multiple spreadsheets and databases that need synchronising as everything is recorded and stored within the PPMS facility management system. Our training application procedure and user permissions have been streamlined and the user-charging, which used to be a major time-consuming undertaking, is now both quick and easy.

- Graham Wright, Institute of Medical Biology (A*STAR)

In early 2008 we were in search of an on-line scheduling software package to schedule time on the instruments in our Central Microscopy Facility. We have over twenty instruments for most of the year and add many more in our busy summer research and education season. After looking at close to ten packages PPMS clearly became our choice. We liked the fact that it was developed and used in another microscopy facility and that it incorporated the functions most important to us. The support from the group at PPMS has been outstanding and they respond quickly to inquiries and they have taken our suggestions seriously. The package has also allowed us to progress at our own pace beyond simple scheduling to include statistics and adding documents and logging incidents. Management of the software package is straightforward.

- Louis Kerr, Marine Biological Laboratory

We have implemented PPMS five years ago and are still in awe about its many functions tailored to imaging facilities. The Nikon Imaging Center at the University of Heidelberg offers services to groups across campus and we charge different prices according to affiliation, microscope and time of the day. PPMS can handle it all. We also log hardware incidences with PPMS, which is important for our quality control. And in five years we only had a single down time.

- Dr. Engel, Nikon Imaging Center, University of Heidelberg

The PPMS core management solution lives up to its promise of providing software for collective resource management in scientific research laboratory environments. Our research laboratory has been using the PPMS software for a few years now and it has vastly improved the scheduling and use of the shared equipment within the laboratory. The software is easy to implement and has a clean and sophisticated look. The software is also extremely user-friendly for all level of users. A nice feature is the ability to categorize users based on their experience levels as well as being able to limit users to certain pieces of equipment. The software has provided a managed way to schedule use on the pieces of equipment in the laboratory as well as keeping track of usage of each piece of equipment. We are definitely really happy with the software!

- Musa Mhlanga Ph.D., CSIR

A great booking system that provides all the functionality a core facility needs; from real-time usage tracking to cancellation notifications. We are pleased with the support Stratocore has provided and their flexibility in modifying the software to our needs.

PPMS has been a great resource for our Core management needs. The software is very user friendly and the invoicing feature greatly reduced the amount of time I spend creating and sending invoices to our investigators. The staff at Stratocore are very professional; they take time to listen to your needs and if there is an issue they take immediate action to resolve any problems.

The user-friendly nature of PPMS makes signing up to use equipment so easy and efficient.

- Stacy Heilman, Ph.D. and her staff , Emory University

Using PPMS really helped us streamline usage reporting, billing and user registration when rapid expansion of the facility left our previous systems unable to cope efficiently with the volume of data.

We have been impressed with the flexibility and power of the PPMS system to cope with our
multiple systems, prices and usage rules and to organise the resulting usage and financial data in easily viewable formats.

Stratocore support staff have been very quick to respond when asked to help customise data
reporting. This has now given us an efficient pipeline to provide usage data in the format our finance office need for billing and auditing purposes.

- Dr. Mark A Jepson, School of Biochemistry and Wolfson Bioimaging Facility - University of Bristol

The PPMS system has been applied to running our core management of six of our facilities (which includes Histology, Imaging and Flow Cytometry, Mass Spectrometry and Molecular Biology), and has the versatility to allow calendar bookings and orders to be placed where a user hands samples over to the facility. Being a multi-building site, cloud based access is critical and allows managers to plan teams around the day-to-day demand of the research groups. As the software is project-based we are utilising the system to integrate to our risk assessment strategy, where each project is assessed by the research group and manager, the assessment is then attached to each project, and access to the most suitable and relevant equipment is given.

The ability of the facility managers, administration, research groups and the director to access costs and equipment usage is essential so a system is required that allows us to have at hand the strategic tools to manage research costs, equipment, maintenance contracts and staffing provision. For facilities that implement a charging structure, full access to facility costs can be granted to the group heads so to aid transparency and demonstrate suitable charging structures.

- Steve Bagley, Ph.D., Cancer Research UK - Manchester Institute

We use the PPMS software as the entrance gate for our clients and collaborators to access our Facility. The user inscribes through PPMS and with the PPMS synchronization tool an account in the AD on our domain controller is automatically created. Now the user can login into his account on all workstations of our Facility. In addition he gets storage space on the Facility server. This feature saves a lot of time in account management. For all the needs in reservation and invoice generation, the flexibility of PPMS and the product support of the Stratocore team is the answer for any Facility!

- Jean Daraspe, Universite de Lausanne

Selecting PPMS as our facility management system was based on an evaluation of three platforms. We wanted a system with powerful features such as real-time usage tracking for cost recovery purposes and we wanted an intuitive system for users to easily book their times. I was happy with the direct phone-line support PPMS provided during the setup of the advanced administrative backend tools, and users have easily adapted to the platform. Our management is happy with the reports generated from PPMS, our core directors are happy with reduced administrative burdens that PPMS affords and our users are happy with an intuitive booking system. In general, we are happy with the system.

- Daniel Tom , Optical Imaging Specialist, Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center - Harvard Medical School

We are using PPMS for more than two years now. It really helps us to concentrate on the project work rather than administration. The possibilities to customize system availability, prices and rebates, requests for trainings or projects, as well as facility statistics, make it a powerful tool for every core facility. Moreover, Stratocore’s customer support is always fast and responsive.

- Bernd Zobiak, University of Hamburg-Eppendorf

The University of Sydney recently implemented PPMS across multiple core facilities, greatly improving operational efficiencies and user experience. All members of the Stratocore Team were a pleasure to work with, able to effectively address any implementation issues, including specialised development work in a timely fashion. Their professionalism, support and passion for their product shone through to deliver us a very successful outcome.

- Stuart Crutchfield, Senior Project Manager, Information and Communications Technology University of Sydney

PPMS has been a fantastic addition to our facility. It has greatly simplified our real-time usage tracking and billing process and saves us hours each month. The project, incident and training management features also get a good workout in our facility and have proven extremely valuable. I can't say enough good things about Spencer, Mat and the team - their support is outstanding and I really appreciate the fact they have directly worked (and continue to work) in core facilities and understand first-hand the challenges and nuances of the job. Highly recommended!

- Adrian Smith, PhD, Centenary Institute

We are currently happy PPMS Users.

Previously, we tested other core-facility management solutions but only PPMS meets most of our targets. PPMS is much more than a web-calendar. We use it as a real center for all the facility activities. Trainings, services, invoicing, instruments' maintenance, technical interventions are all organized and managed within PPMS. It's at the same time our agenda, our laboratory notebook and our work plan. Everyday, the first thing I do to start my jobs is open my PPMS home page.

- Cesare Covino, ALEMBIC - Advanced Light and Electron Microscopy BioImaging Center, San Raffaele Scientific Institute

SAHMRI have been using PPMS since 2015 to manage a variety of cores including General equipment, Bioresources, Rodent Imaging, Histology, Preclinical Imaging Research Laboratory, Flow and Laser Scanning Cytometry and Confocal Microscopy and Laser Capture. More recently we have added an extra core to manage our Consumable store. Stratocore were extremely helpful in assisting us with this process and providing us with a test environment to set up and review functionality.
The PPMS software is easy to use and makes booking equipment, requesting services and billing and reporting a very simple process.

I have been most impressed with Stratocore’s professionalism and service delivery. It is very reassuring to know that the support team is only an email away and training if needed can be easily arranged. Despite the time difference, the response time is amazingly fast.
I would have no hesitation in recommending PPMS as a core facility management system.

- Sophia Degner, Director, Research Support Services, South Australia Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI)

Stratocore software allows us to control and track our equipment usage, and much more. The online tutorials are very helpful, and the staff are always ready and able to assist. We are pleased with the system to date, and look forward to applying more of its functions as time goes by and our expertise grows.

- Dr. Mark Rosicky, Laboratory Manager - Southern Cross GeoScience

Our transition to Statocore PPMS from our in-house booking system was smooth and painless and it has transformed our lab administration. PPMS is used to reserve instrument time, request and validate training, monitor instrument usage, generate invoices and sell reagents. Setting up the system is straight forward and the Stratocore team are very responsive to any problems, usually responding within an hour or two. We have about twenty instruments on our system, monthly billing takes about fifteen minutes. I would not hesitate to recommend PPMS to anyone who needs a system for managing their SRL.

- Simon Monard, Ph.D., Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

Stratocore have been extremely patient and professional whenever we needed help getting things set up.  Our users find the PPMS booking interface very intuitive and everyone appreciates the ability to log in from anywhere they have internet access. As a facility manager, I find it extremely helpful to have an overview of the whole facility, for instrument status and staff activities, with usage stats and reporting at my fingertips. We have automatic journaling so that charging is also streamlined. It’s certainly proving to be a very useful management tool. All in all, I love PPMS and wouldn’t want to go back.

- Kim Findlay, Head of Bioimaging, Cell and Developmental Biology Department - John Innes Centre, Norwich

I have been a Stratocore client for several years and both my facility and my department have benefited beyond expectation. Before Stratocore, I was using a common calendar system and spreadsheets in my flow cytometry shared facility for billing, incidents reports, etc… Stratocore’s PPMS software was able to optimize & personalize the tools I needed to run my facility better. Today, what used to take me hours, is accomplished in a few mouse clicks. Not only me, but all of my users love the fact that it is so easy to use, especially because it makes booking, requesting services, billing & reporting cycles easy, transparent and never a burden. The system for setting pricing rules in PPMS is simply amazing; literally unlimited rules interact and are recorded with a full history that allows to follow the evolution of pricing policy and cost recovery. This testimonial wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging Stratocore's support and development team, their expertise extends far beyond the software, and they are always available. I’m glad I chose PPMS by Stratocore as my Core Facilities Management system.

- Nicolas Loof Ph.D. , Children’s Medical Center Research Institute - UT Southwestern

Eighteen months ago TRI had been using a variety of different booking systems for various scientific instrument facilities with multiple different accounting systems. Working closely with Stratocore within 3 months we had 5 facilities operational in PPMS and we currently have 80 instruments in 9 facilities managed booked and charged for using PPMS with over 300 users both internal and external across a number of different clinical and academic institutions.

The uptake from users has been intuitive. The Stratocore training sessions for the facility managers are easy to follow and the managers were able to easily set themselves up in the system either with full user access or manager controlled  access to the equipment bookings. The managers are able to monitor user experience and use of instruments and provide training to various items of equipment as requested. The PPMS module has been able to be integrated to report into our finance system providing a simplified accounting procedure. Using PPMS has enabled us to better manage instrument use and has provided all users with greater visibility regarding their access to equipment and account information.

- Stephen Love, Ph.D., Translational Research Institute

PPMS has been an invaluable addition to our facility. Accurate tracking of individual users sessions, a customizable training interface combined with easy billing has given us back time to spend teaching, instead of manually generating reports and invoices.

- James Springfield, PhD, The Institute for Molecular Bioscience, University of Queensland

We are very happy users of Stratocore-PPMS for more than a year now! The software just perfectly fits to our needs as a multi-user microscopy facility as it contains all of the functionalities that are important for a successful management software such as booking, user management, messaging, billing, statistics, and many more. We highly recommend PPMS.

- Oliver Biehlmaier, PhD, University of Basel

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