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PPMS is a leading online platform for scientific Core Facilities Management. Developed by practicing scientists, and continuously refined through user feedback, the software remains simple and user-friendly while offering powerful, flexible control for higher efficiency and productivity.

PPMS – For Science in Progress

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Book and order from your browser

Experiments, services and consumables can be booked straight from the web-based software, anytime, anywhere. An intuitive, user-friendly interface means no user training is necessary.

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Set up your way

An adaptable configuration can suit the nature of your core facilities and the visual identity of your organisation.

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Plan and track

Plan experiments on shared facilities in three clicks, then keep track of who's doing what across multiple projects and sites, all in real-time.

Control access

Admin rights, resource limits, pricing rules, cancellation policies, session lengths and more, can all be controlled independently for each resource, project and user.

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Analyse your core facilities

Compile detailed information on a wide range of statistics, such as staff training levels, incidents and maintenance, and facility usage.

Scale it up

Designed to scale to hundreds of users across multiple core facilities and sites, each with tailored rights and individual affiliations.

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New in PPMS

More flexible options for instrument schedules

Enhanced customization tools allow users to define schedule timing precision and choose from a palette of calendar colors applying to schedules

Redesigned assistance requests options

Easily create assisted sessions for users on any instruments and systems that you choose.

Redesigned session status

A new integrated workflow option allows users to request assistance in context of place-holder scheduling that is validated pending confirmation of assistance by administrators.

New "Multi-Book" option

Now create unlimited "aliases" using PPMS binding agglomerations of any combination of services and instruments together into a bookable item. Use this powerful tool to seamlessly combine multiple instruments and services when it is required they are simultaneously, or concurrently, available together.


Your users can now more easily access all of their information among all core facilities without logging out. Following a login Users can now access multiple facilities easily, switching between available facilities using the new drop-down menu in the header.

Publication Discovery

Ability to automatically look for new publications in PubMed, making it very easy for your users to report publications, and even easier for administrators and team leaders to evangelize the reporting process among users with high fidelity.

Advanced features

Cloud Storage Now Available

More room to breathe - keep all types and all sizes of files where it matters!

Affiliation Management Console

Set policies for groups affiliated to specific departments, divisions, or centers.

Improved Pricing and Invoicing

Enhanced toolset for Price Rules, Credit Management, Rebates, and Subsidies with additional options allowing for high level customization.

Improved Project Management

Ability to include relevant documents and result data to Project Management to facilitate reporting.

Advanced Form Options

Improved formatting and conditional rules for easy creation of complex forms with conditional query settings.

New Prepaid Account Management

Entirely new feature allowing to define prepaid accounts and their associated application rules.

Improved Mobile Experience

New design improves mobile interface for ease of use on the go!

Customized Reporting

Relevant data and tailored reports delivered to your home page.

Instant Surveys

How are your users feeling about your service? User feedback just a click away.


Manage multiple core facilities with shared users, all from one database. Admin rights and individual parameters, including colours, logos and presentation, can be set per facility.

Advanced group management

Give group managers and lab heads access to laboratory historical data including billing summaries, invoices and activity of users.

Calendar integration

View bookings and scientific equipment calendars using RSS or iCal feeds to third-party calendars, including Google or Yahoo! Calendar.

Smart billing

Increase your margins with smart billing modes: booked time, real-time usage, or booked time adjusted with real-time use.

Flexible pricing

Control pricing using flexible rule-based systems, including subsidy and rebate capabilities.


Track and associate academic publications with research conducted at your facilities.

Remote control

Allow developers to remotely modify content using third party scripts and programs via the PPMS API.

Real-time monitoring

View and record who is using instruments in real-time and fix discrepancies automatically.

The PPMS promise

Private and secure:

All communications use industry-standard SSL encryption and your data is owned by you: we never pass data to third parties.

We can even organise a nightly mirror of your data to your premises.

Fully supported:

Get answers to your questions by phone or email, with critical incident support 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Access training for no extra cost to get the best from your package.

Reliability guaranteed:

Stratocore hosts PPMS as Software as a Service (SaaS) on its own servers, taking care of installation, maintenance and backup. If reliability falls below 99.9% we're happy to compensate you.

Alternatively, you can host PPMS on your own servers, with full support from Stratocore.

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