About Stratocore

PPMS is developed and delivered by Stratocore, a specialist provider of enterprise level software for resource management in laboratory environments. PPMS is now used by thousands of people in more than 120 institutes around the world.

Launched in 2003, PPMS was created by a team with many years of experience in facilities management and scientific research. Continuous feedback has ensured that each annual release of the software meets the changing needs of science researchers and administrators.

PPMS is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS), hosted and supported by Stratocore, who take care of installation, maintenance and backup. Alternatively, PPMS can be hosted on your own servers, with full support from Stratocore.

Our founders

Spencer Shorte Founder, CEO & Scientific Lead

Spencer Shorte

Spencer is core facilities group leader at the Institut Pasteur in Paris (Plateforme d'Imagerie Dynamique) and director of the Imagopole scientific imaging core facilities conglomeration founded in 2005. He received his PhD in Biochemistry at Bristol University, UK, and has extensive experience in the fields of cell physiology, cell biology, and neuroendocrinology. He is an expert in techniques for quantitative imaging, with 25 years' applied experience. Spencer has published more than 50 research articles and filed five patents. He received the 2005 French national engineer of the year in the category of Research Science, awarded for his work on microscopic tomography.

Mathieu Marchand Founder, CTO & Technology Lead

Mathieu Marchand

Mathieu has designed and deployed advanced IT solutions in top-tier research institutions and core facilities including Institut Pasteur, Paris and Rockefeller University, New York. With a master's degree in engineering from INP Grenoble, France, Mathieu also specialises in scientific image analysis and processing, microscopy systems software configurations, and the administrative management of core facilities.

Our team

Michelle Malloy Accounts Manager

Michelle Malloy

Michelle is the Accounts Manager at Stratocore. Prior to joining the Stratocore team in 2011, she studied Business Administration and has over twenty years experience in accounts management and financal operations. A large portion of her professional career has been dedicated to charitable and non-profit organisations.

Rand Haley Executive VP

Rand Haley

Rand is Executive Vice-President for Global Research Solutions at Stratocore. He has devoted his career to helping organizations strengthen their research enterprises, and prior to joining Stratocore, Rand spent nearly 20 years as a consultant partnering with leadership and faculty across research universities, academic medical centers, independent research institutes, and research-active hospitals. He has led projects at over 50 leading and emerging institutions, with a focus on research strategies, core research facilities, and research centers and institutes. Rand has published papers and delivered presentations across research strategy and management areas, including core facilities. He holds master's degrees in biochemistry and molecular biophysics from the University of Pennsylvania and in science, technology, and public policy from George Washington University.

Leonor Heleno Wielgosz Pre & Post Sales Support

Leonor Heleno Wielgosz

Leonor Heleno Wielgosz is dedicated to pre-sales European client consultation and post-sales client application support for Stratocore. Leonor has a MMath of Computing Science and Applied Mathematics from the Polytechnical School of Lisbon (Instituto Superior Tecnico), as well as an Executive MBA in International Management (from ISM in Paris); she has over 15 years’ experience working in the full life cycle of large IT implementations by software providers in the Investment Banks. Leonor gained a solid experience in her roles as Customer Relationship manager, and Presales in international corporations like JPMorgan, DTCC, and Fiserv. Leonor ensures added value to Stratocore client relations and facilitates communication between Stratocore and its customers. Leonor’s role is to coordinate the entire pre-sales process as well as giving support once sites go live in production. Leonor is based in Paris. Leonor’s mother tongue is French, also speaking fluent English and Portuguese.

David Jason Arber Sales Engineer

David Jason Arber

David is Stratocore's Sales Engineer covering the North American and Australian territories. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with an emphasis on Business Management and Development. He has twenty years experience in accounts management and focused client development in IT strategic consulting & technical sales. David’s previous experience included acting Chief Information Officer, Technical Accounts Management, and entrepreneurial business management.

David’s role is to coordinate the client’s entire pre-sales experience, and scale this to implementation planning and application support once sites go live in production. David is based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA along with the Technical Support Team of Stratocore.

Yasin Rahman Software Engineer

Yasin Rahman

Yasin is a software engineer at Stratocore. He obtained a master’s degree in computer science from Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie - Sorbonne Universities in Paris, France. Previously Yasin worked as a software engineer at the OneLab Experimental Facility, where he developed software for Major FP7 and H2020 European projects such as Fed4FIRE, FORGE and SmartFIRE. In addition to software support and development he has experience writing tutorials, teaching and creating documentation.

Maxime Quentin Full Stack Developer

Maxime Quentin

Maxime is a software developer at Stratocore. He obtained a master's degree at the French University of Technology of Compiegne in computer engineering. He studied abroad at The Graz Technische Universität in Austria and has developed a focus on Web development over 2 years working for big French IT companies and banks.

Jeff Carter Software Developer

Jeff Carter

Jeff is a software developer at Stratocore. He possesses a broad set of technical, business and leadership skills across many functions including software development and technology consulting. He is responsible for the planning, design, development, testing and deployment of features in PPMS, along with scaling development to accommodate the growing needs of our customers. Jeff is also a volunteer organizing and participating in global and local coding hackathons creating solutions for research and non-profit organizations.

Bryan Wilber Senior Database Developer

Bryan Wilber

Bryan is a software developer and database specialist with over 25 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and government agencies. Bryan has a master's degree from Georgia Tech in Business Administration. His prior experience includes developing software for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The Clean Air Campaign and the Coca-Cola company. Bryan enjoys tennis, biking and spending time with his family in Atlanta, Georgia.

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